Why use a professional for your 360° Virtual Tours?

Why use a professional for your 360° Virtual Tours?

360° Virtual Tours UK, use quality non mobile phone related technology and the latest state of the art camera equipment to provide your virtual tour with optimal clarity. A virtual tour takes a time and dedication to complete.

Using the right software is important to 360° Virtual Tours UK. It provides flexibility on how we approach building your tour from scratch.

Because we use state of the art technology we’re able to provide your brand with the right social media content if you wish to purchase at extra cost. These include video, social media and website ready panoramic photography which will provide that extra wow factor which your venue, facilities or hotel is looking for.

A 360° virtual tour, sounds just right for my business, so how long would it take for my hotel/venue/facilities to receive the final product?

A hotel which may consist of 20 view points which on average will take about 2-3 weeks completion time. This will involve detailed correspondence to make sure it’s right just for your venue. The photography, no more than 1 and a bit days, so an overnight stay will be required. I’ll edit at your hotel, just to make sure that everything has been photographed correctly and that there’s no delay in delivering your product. You’ll also be able to see a preview on the 2nd day.

360° Virtual Tours UK’s, virtual tours are tailored to suit your brand. What does this mean? It means that your view point icon and logo on the virtual tour will use your branding to complete the look and feel of your luxurious venue, so your customers feel right at home.

Using a professional, ensures that you know you’re going to receive your final product as a URL link in a matter of weeks, 2-3 at the most. Thinking that you can do it yourself, can be a great idea to begin with, but as you work your way through the process, you’ll realise that it’s not quite as straight forward to complete a virtual tour of quality and something that you’ll want to show off to your online customers as you originally thought. Plus you won’t have the great panoramic images that will be useful for your social media channels.

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